Senior Citizen on Fixed Income Needs Our Help

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Okay folks, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. We have a man here in Silver City that needs our help.

The recent winds have done a number on areas of his home and he can’t afford to have it repaired.

We need to step up and help this man. He is alone and on a fixed income and he is the exact type of person we need to be helping.

If you donate the money I will do the work, that’s the deal. You do your part then I can go do my part and we all feel good about a job well done and the fact that we helped those that need it.

Even $5 will help me help this man. If you want to help simply donate at and I will use the money to repair the damage you can see in the pictures below to keep it from getting worse and costing this nice man money he doesn’t have.

Go here to help me help others:

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