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Fixed Income Program

Labor4Seniors was thought of to help the senior citizens of our country that are on a fixed income and need help with repairs to their homes. I raise funds through GoFundMe for projects seniors need but can not afford. You can help by clicking here.

Light Plumbing

There are a lot of plumbing jobs that can be done without the high cost of a full fledged plumber. From changing the stopper, filler or valve in the toilet tank to repairing or replacing a dripping faucet or failing sink to hot water heater repairs, I can help.


You need your cars and trucks to get to doctor appointments and to get to the grocery store for essentials like food and medicine. I can do light mechanical repairs to help ensure your mobility and safety including oil changes, brake jobs and tune-ups.

Light Electrical

Not every electrical job has to have a high priced electrical contractor. Small things like changing a switch or wall plug to changing a light bulb can be done by anyone. I was trained by an electrical engineer in the mining industry. I can help.

Yard Work

While not the most glamorous work in the world the yard work needs to be done and can make an otherwise safe dwelling very dangerous. I can keep weeds, shrubs and hanging trees at bay to ensure mobility around the property you worked hard to pay for.

Light Carpentry

There are a multitude of little projects that you need done from porch and entrance repairs for safety to window and door repairs for comfort, I can do a lot of the small stuff seniors need done to help ensure the safety and comfort of people that gave a lot for us.

About Me & Labor4Seniors

Hello, my name is Richard Perkins and I am a handyman. While trying to acquire customers I found that there are a lot of seniors in this country that need help but they don't have the funds. I got the idea of putting this website up for them.

Seniors are the backbone of our country. They sacrificed throughout their lives to build this great country we live in. Many seniors live on a very small fixed monthly income and they can't afford to do repairs to their homes even if their safety is at stake.

As a handyman I have the skills to help a lot of them but I do not have the funds to pay for the projects out of pocket so I thought I would ask the great and generous people with kind hearts of our planet for help.

I do the things they can't do anymore. From light plumbing to light carpentry I do everything I can to help them maintain the safety and lifestyle they have come accustomed to and rightfully so.

I use donations from generous folks to offer absolutely free services to seniors. To be clear, I do not offer my services for free, only free to the seniors if donations to cover the cost of supplies plus the hours I spend working are available in the GoFundMe account.

I saw this as an opportunity to not only give back to the seniors that sacrificed everything so we could enjoy the comforts we have today but to also make an honest living for myself and family. Over the years I have developed some skills that I want to share with the older folks around me by helping them to have a safer and more comfortable quality of life.

Fixed Income Program

As little as $5 will help to better the quality of life for a deserving senior citizen.
Donate Today
Donate Today
As little as $5 will help to better the quality of life for a deserving senior citizen.

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